The Many Uses of Cheese Cloth

Cheesecloth comes in so many different grades or weaves resulting in, so many different uses, that it is hard to being to list them. This article will attempt to cover just the most common ways that cheesecloth is used today.

Number One Has To Be Cheese Making

This cheesecloth is used for filtering the curds from the whey, wrapping cheese for the aging process. Below is a video showing you how to make cottage cheese or ricotta.

Cheesecloth Use in Arts and Crafts

People who are creative in the field of arts and crafts have come up with a very unique use for cheesecloth. Watch this video for ideas on how easy it would be to duplicate this beautiful  gift wrapping idea.

Cheesecloth Uses in the Kitchen

Besides being used for cheese making or for wrapping cheese while it ages cheesecloth has many other uses in the kitchen:

  • Poaching fish
  • Straining many foods like soups, gravies or custards
  • Filtering wine or beer
  • Canning syrups and jellies
  • Filtering honey
  • Milk bags to filter Almond milk
  • Tea bags
  • Making potpourri sachets
  • Bouquet Garni creation for making soup stocks.

Where do you buy cheesecloth?

Food grade quality cheesecloth can be purchased on-line at Follow this link to learn more.

Furniture Finishing Uses of Cheese Cloth

Cheesecloth is used in the making of a tack cloth. The cheesecloth is soaked in a resin that is very sticking and helps grab dust particles off the wood surface prior to staining it. Then another cheesecloth is used to apply the stain. The muslin fabric that is used in the making of cheesecloth is made of 100% natural cotton fiber that is highly absorbent and totally lint-free so it is the ideal choice for furniture re-finishers.

After the stain has dried and if the piece of furniture is going to be waxed rather than being finished with a polyurethane finish, another piece of cheesecloth is used to apply the wax protective cover.

The final polishing of the newly stained and waxed wood will again be done using cheesecloth, and the best long term maintenance of the furniture is again accomplished with regular polishing using a cheesecloth.

Cheesecloth is the best cleaning rag that everyone could be using to maintain their fine expensive wood furniture.

How Do Hunters Use Cheesecloth?

After the kill and before going home hunters will hang their meat in camp overnight or for several days. When they do this they first wrap the meat in a rather loose weave of cheesecloth to keep flies and other insects off of the meat. Later when preparing the meat for transport home they will put the cut pieces of meat in finer weave  cheesecloth bag that protects the meat from dust and smaller insects like ants.

These tightly woven muslin bags are also made of cheesecloth but some people refer to them as cotton bags because that is how that are more commonly known. These cotton muslin bags can be easily washed and reused. After an initial rinse they can be laundered with other kitchen towels.

Cheesecloth is Used in Airplane Maintenance

As early as 1933 cheesecloth was used in the maintenance of aircraft motors. Victor H. Czegka  chief mechanical officer for the first and second Rear Admiral Byrd Antartica Expeditions.

“Next to fuel and oil, cheesecloth is a necessity in insuring the efficient operation of our airplanes”, said Mr. Czegka. “Just a minute particle of lint can lodge in a vital part of the motor, and render it useless at a critical moment”.

6 bales of 60 yards of cheesecloth were loaded aboard the Pacific Fir one of the 2 ships being used in this second expedition to the antarctic.

Cheesecloth Used in the Garden

Stock – Cheesecloth by thelastofthesheikah on deviantART

Cheesecloth has many uses in the garden. On colder autumn nights many gardeners use it as a protective cover to keep the frost off of their plants. Others gardeners use it to protect roses from insects and beetles. Young trees and shrubs also benefit from being safe guarded by cheesecloth wraps.

When cheesecloth is dug under a layer of soil it prevents weeds from growing, another very helpful use of cheesecloth in the garden.

Cheesecloth is Used in Faux Painting

There are currently many types of faux painting that are accomplished with the help of cheesecloth.

  • Marbleizing – making a surface look like real marble
  • Fresco – adding mottled color and subtle texture to plain walls
  • Graining – the look that imitates exotic wood varieties
  • Trompe l’oeil – “fool the eye” to achieve the look of depth and dimensionality.

Cheesecloth is also used to filter dried pieces of paint out of older paints that have been kept in storage.

I hope that this article gives you a few ideas about the many uses of cheesecloth. I have not even touched on one of the most common uses which is to make ghosts for Halloween, or to make costumes, or dresses, or shirts. The list could go on and on.

I would love to hear from my readers of their use of this very versatile fabric that is called by the name of cheesecloth. Please leave a comment.


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