About Us

Mission Statement

Lesperance eCommerce is dedicated to becoming a prominent company in the fast-growing global product marketing industry by developing,  manufacturing and marketing a portfolio of Eco-friendly top-quality products for North America and global markets.

This portfolio of unique and proprietary products will enable our customers and Joint Venture partners to meet the needs of their customers for new and innovative state-of-the-art products to provide the best solution available currently to satisfy consumer needs. Our vision and values are: Satisfied Clients/Customers, using renewable resources, through promoting earth smart choices in our product lines.

We plan to provide our clients/customers with superior products that are renewable and leave as small a global footprint as possible.  In an ever-changing business environment, our philosophy is one that embraces change and encourages new ideas, all aimed at living responsibly. Our friendly environment where a team approach is valued and rewarded, ensures that all knowledge brought to the table is valued and evaluated before moving forward with any initiative.
We are dedicated to providing nothing but the best products for our customers, while building a dynamic and growing company. We will invest to build a leadership position for our portfolio of brands and be recognized as a leader in product innovation. Our focus is on creating and sustaining an organization worthy of industry and consumer confidence.

Management Team

Esther Lesperance

Esther Lesperance has been the President, CEO and a director of the Company since March 2009. She is the founder and innovator of Lesperance eCommerce a company dedicated to marketing only the best evergreen products. These products cover a wide range aimed at helping in day to day tasks of every day living . She is a retired health care worker who for over 45 years, worked in Research and Development in the field of Clinical Biochemistry.

Allan Lesperance

Allan Lesperance has been the Vice-President, and a director of the company since it’s founding in March 2009. He also owns and manages an Insurance and Financial Services business. Allan brings many years of marketing experience to the business and invaluable advice and encouragement.

Esther and Allan have been married for 48 years and are blessed with a son and a daughter. Brett (son) and Penny have gifted us with 4 awesome grandchildren, 2 boys and 2 girls; while our daughter Jolie and her partner Josh have provided the final 3 grandchildren, also a boy and 2 girls. We look forward to providing all of them with the Lesperance Legacy, the Lesperance eCommerce company recognized as a leader in the field of providing earth smart solutions through marketing only the proven best products currently available from the global marketplace.

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