Best Shopping Practices for Carbon Accounting

Each one of us has the ability to contribute our fair share in reducing carbon emissions. Helping lessen the greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere doesn’t only mean purchasing carbon credits and participating in carbon trading. As primary consumers, we are responsible for choosing the companies we do business with. Shopping must not only mean […]

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Cheesecloth Uses in Cheese Making

As its name implies, cheesecloth was originally used in cheese production. Cheesecloth is a gauzy fabric that is now used in a variety of other functions inside the kitchen. It is made of loosely woven cotton and looks a lot like mesh cloth, with its open weave leaving a lot of small holes. These holes […]

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The Many Uses of Cheese Cloth

Cheesecloth comes in so many different grades or weaves resulting in, so many different uses, that it is hard to being to list them. This article will attempt to cover just the most common ways that cheesecloth is used today. Number One Has To Be Cheese Making This cheesecloth is used for filtering the curds […]

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What is Cheesecloth?

Cheesecloth is actually a muslin fabric that is woven very loosely on a special loom, making it more mesh like or gauzy in appearance. The amount of actual cotton thread that goes into making cheesecloth is much less than that used to make muslin fabric. One square yard of muslin that has 72 threads by […]

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Muslin Through the Ages

The Origin of the Word Muslin The name muslin, given to the airy breathable light cotton fabric can be attributed to the city of Mosul in Asiatic Turkey.  Although it was not the original home where muslin first appeared it, never-the-less, got to be known by the name muslin from Mosul because this area produced […]

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Carbon Footprint Awareness

My Story – Then & Now When I was a small child I would get very upset when I saw anyone littering and not putting garbage where garbage should be. I remember imagining the river with tons of litter floating down stream. Mother told me not to worry about it, but my young mind foresaw […]

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